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We aim to preserve or restore the long-term health, function and viability of the natural environment affected by Glencore's operations so it can sustain biodiversity, landscape functions and the needs of local communities during our activities and over the long term once our operations close.

We are committed to minimizing environmental impacts throughout the life of our operations and to rehabilitating land once operations have ceased, and to return sites to a condition close to their original state. Our sustainable development and environmental policies set out this commitment. Read the Sudbury Integrated Nickel Operations Mines Mill environmental policy, tailings policy, and the Smelter/Nickel Rim South Mine/Quebec Port Environmental Policy.

Sulphur dioxide concentrations in outdoor air is measured on a continuous basis at numerous air quality monitoring stations located throughout Greater Sudbury. Real time concentrations of sulphur dioxide can be viewed at the Sudbury S02 air quality monitoring network.

The Ministry of the Environment regularly inspects these stations and receives compilations of the monitoring information several times per year. To access current and historical air quality information in Greater Sudbury, local air quality and climate change initiatives and to learn more about common air pollutants, please visit Clean Air Sudbury at

Mine Mill TRA Reduction Plan Summaries
Site Specific Standard
Dispersion Forecast

To view the Dispersion Forecast table, please click on the link below.

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Marc Laforge, Environmental Technician at Sudbury Smelter monitoring 4-inch saplings, planted in 2002
Mike Bruneau, Environmental Technician, collecting suspended particulate samples